6 jun. 2011

Vintage Designer Frames

Today I'm going to share this post that talks about the vintage designer frames!!! 
Last year, a pair of Comme des Garcons x Cutler & Gross shades were released for the latter brand’s 40th anniversary celebration. Now, a new pair of vintage frames have been unveiled for this season.

Much like last season, the Comme des Garcons x Cutler & Gross sunglasses are all about bringing back vintage styles—and believe it or not, it’s not wayfarers. Instead, the two brands have brought back the Clubmaster style in all its vintage class. The checkered patterns that were seen in its predecessor are back, but in red and white. In addition to this colorway, there’s also a crystal-clear blue theme for those who want something more refreshing.
Surprisingly, these shades are for Comme des Garcons’ HOMME PLUS collection, which means they’re for guys. But I can’t see why the ladies couldn’t rock a pair of these wicked sunglasses.

Love !!