30 oct. 2011

My own design !

Hello everyone! today I'm sharing one of my designs. The little yellow dress! 

I made it for a good friend of mine, She's a very successful photographer so we decided to take some shots of this stunning piece! take a look...

Roxana González

Little Yellow Dress
 Miss Black Book


20 oct. 2011

I dress to kill, but tastefully.

Good morning !!!!

Today I'm posting a very urban outfit, it's perfect for a concert or for going to a bar/pub with live music, it also is appropriate for a busy day of work in which you don't need a lot of presence with other people, just to feel comfortable and productive. 

So I used a BERSHKA black blazer with an H&M cropped printed shirt, a golden thick belt from LOFT by Ann Taylor to make accent in my hips and a pair of black ZARA jeggings in the footwear I used one of the FRYE best sellers the Veronica shortie biker boots with engineer straps and antique silver buckles!

Finally I used golden accesrories such as the golden bird cage necklace, golden headphones and a golden watch ! 

I find it a daily casual outfit, not too fancy not too alternative but chic and edgy at the same time. 

  Lots of love 

19 oct. 2011

Between Seasons!

The next few weeks are going to throw up the perennial dressing problem what to wear as the seasons are changing? When you want to put away your summer wardrobe and start sporting the new autumn looks but without overdoing the layers? 

When the temperature has dropped a few degrees but the need for thick knits and heavy coats is still, fingeres crossed, a while away? And when you have to dress for days that can include beautiful sunshine, pouring rain and cold winds - all within the space of half an hour? I'm here to help. 

I've pulled together three looks that will see you throught the next month or two in style and comfort.... 

  Hope it helps!!! 





18 oct. 2011

Paris is always a good idea!

Hello everyone ! 

Today I'm posting a very classic and feminine look with an edgy side,  I wanted to create a high class outfit according to the weather, and to my activities of the day.

So I created a contrast between black and white, with a little Chanel touch in the vintage belt, of course by never loosing my own style!  So I find this look very particular and interesting... Take a look to the whole styling and feel free to suggest anything or by only replying if you like it! 

I used a Ribbon black and white ZARA shirt , Black ZARA jeggings,  a vintage CHANEL belt and my beloved FRYE Carmen in Idaho leather boots ! 

Lots of Love !