22 jul. 2011

Tangerine !

Hello everyone, I'm pleased to post today's outfit, 'cause I consider it the greatest and most comfortable during the season, specially if you are a color block, linen and silk lover !

I decided to wear white linen trousers, to feel light and "cool", because the weather has been changing quite terrible, one day you are are melting and the next day it's kind of humid due to the rain ! so linen and silk are the best choice to feel chic, fresh and loose during the spring/summer rush.

As I posted before, the wide-leg jeans rule applies for this outfit as well, due to the trousers pattern! so, take a look at it and check out some of the pictures were taken with the Nokia N8! 


Taken with the Nokia N8
Taken with the Nokia N8
Taken with the Nokia N8
Taken with the Nokia N8

Orange silk shirt: Zara
Golden Belt: LOFT by Ann Taylor
White Linen trousers: MANGO
Orange Sandals: LOFT by Ann Taylor
Golden Clutch: Bang Bang TKF