2 ago. 2011

Pink Polka.

Good afternoon fellas ! Today's post is inspired in the polka dotted trend, after reading the ELLE magazine of this month I got inpired by Emma Stone's editorial with the sexy, feminine and witty polka dots adding a little bit of preppy style and a touch of pink. I decided to wear something creative so I styled some polka dots shorts, with mesh tights and lacey socks. 

Adding a touch of pink to make the preppy contrast with the pink blazer, the lace socks and the black and white flats. On the accessories I love to use pearls with the pink blazer to add style, class and feminity. Due to the weather it has been a little bit windy and cold, so I took advantage of this to use mesh tights with my favorite pair of socks and voilà!

Take a look to the photos we took while I enjoyed a delicious frapuccino reading the July issue of ELLE after a cultural visit to the history museum.  

 While I was taking a break I decided to keep updated with my PINK Nokia N8, there is a wealth of knowldege at my fingertips.

 It has tons of applications and my favorite is the ELLE 's application to keep up my daily research, since I'm a Fashion editor at a local magazine.

Inspiration shots with the 12 MP camera in my pocket captures anything and everything that inspires me in matter of seconds!!!
ideal to take HD videos and amazing photos with a great quality.

 With the 16 GB memory I can take hours of footage and thousands of images making the most of the day. My favorite part is to add different filters to turn my pictures to perfection. 

 Definetely the N8 is the perfect companion!

 Mirror, Mirror on my phone I love turning the N8 onto self-portrait mode makes it into a compact mirror, to fix my makeup, apply lipgloss or check my hair with ease. This is just one of the multi functions of this amazing phone it also has a perfect size to carry.

 Thanks to Nokia and ELLE for giving us the opportunity to be part of the search for the next Style Correspondent! I'm in love with the N8 and the whole kit, I loved the bag and the ELLE July issue!..
The PINK Nokia N8 it's a must have in the fashion blogging indusrty.


Pink Blazer: ZARA
Black Shirt: H&M
Polka dotted shorts: LOFT by Ann Taylor
Lace socks: Oysho
Mesh tights: ZARA
Flat shoes: BRANTANO
Black shoulder bag: Gift
Thin belts: TARGET