12 ene. 2012

Look of the day: The flowered skirt

Hello everyone! today I'm posting one of the latest designs I made by myself...believe it or not I woke up this morning so inspired, that I took my patterns and everything ended in this flowered skirt wich from now on I may consider it one of my favorite pieces for this season! 

I got inspired by many patterns and flowered fabrics...after making all my sketches and patterns I took pictures of the sewing process to share them with you ! 

And at last but NEVER least my favorite part... the styling!  

Take a look . . .

This is what I captured for you guys !!!

 Are you ready to see the final result???? 

 Hope you liked it !! 
Mariana !

Blazer: Bershka
Red blouse: ZARA
Skirt: My own design
Tights: H&M
Booties: BALMAIN